They who usually

They who usually Oxalate and urate grow slowly and rarely more than a nut.

Phosphates and carbonates with a core of oxalate and uric acid increase in volume quickly.

They who usually form the largest socalled staghorn stones, filling a large internal cavities cast kidney ,renal pelvis and cup.

Besides metabolic disorders, promotes the development of kidney stones are a number of factors: climatic, geographic, etc.

We are more interested in the power factor.

Doctors know that spicy and acidic foods increases the acidity of urine, which contributes to the appearance of stones.

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You had brought

You had brought In such a situation does not want to just eat and vodka stakanyaku would Zagli tit.

A fact negative experiences in relation to the child fully understood.

It deprived you of the many pleasures in life.

Yes, much given.

But took enough.

You had brought some sacrifice.

And foolish to think that you should not feel it.

If you think that by hiding these feelings from child ka, so protect it, you are mistaken.

Re benok still feel your tension.

For if you hide from all the tiredness n irritation, they will build up inside.

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Found in liver, yeast, many

Found in liver, yeast, many B6 pyridoxine, is involved in metabolic processes, it is necessary for the absorption of amino acids for the synthesis of tryptophan vitamin PP.

The daily requirement for vitamin B6 2 mg.

Sun folacin, folic acid and its derivatives, regulates hematopoiesis and fat metabolism.

Found in liver, yeast, many vegetables ,parsley, spinach, lettuce in.

The daily requirement for vitamin Sun 5 mg.

B12 cyanocobalamin, prevents anemia.

Present in beef and pork liver, meat rabbits and chickens, eggs, fish, milk.

The daily requirement for vitamin B12 3 m of C ascorbic acid, prevents scurvy, boosts immunity.

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